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BDA Installation Services In Lakeland, Winter Haven, & Lake Wales, FL

If you’re needing BDAs installed to augment your fire alarm system, you want to know the job gets done right. The Hartline Company is dedicated to protecting the safety and security of properties throughout central Florida, staffed by highly trained and certified experts in the field. We will guide you through the process of your BDA installation, address concerns you have along the way, and provide ongoing support to keep your BDA system in perfect working condition.

What Are BDAs?

Bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) are crucial to helping first responders communicate inside your business during a fire. Because many commercial buildings are made of heavy materials such as concrete and cinder block, radio signals may be weakened inside the building. BDAs help booth two-way radio signal strength. While this may not seem like it is part of a fire suppression system, BDAs serve a critical role in public safety during an emergency by allowing first responders to do their job quickly and safely. Contact our team at The Hartline Company for comprehensive, reliable BDA installation at your central Florida property.

Bi-Directional Amplifier Installation

The bigger a building is, the more important it is to have a BDA installed, especially if there are multiple floors. Apartment buildings, high-rise offices, parking garages, and other densely populated buildings are the kinds of buildings that most commonly use BDAs, but some smaller buildings may need them too. In fact, your commercial building may be required to have a bi-directional amplifier or signal boosting solution. Any building that does not have at least 95% of the property covered by a BDA system must have one installed in order to remain in compliance with Florida safety standards. Recent updates to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) fire code states that all buildings in Florida must have a BDA system installed by 2022. Call The Hartline Company today to learn more about whether your business needs a BDA system and get a quote for installation. We will ensure that your building meets and maintains compliance with all laws, statutes, and fire codes.

BDA Testing & Repair

Like every other part of a fire protection system, bi-directional amplifiers need to be inspected, tested, maintained, and repaired. They are no help to emergency responders if they are not in working order, and can instead lead to reduced communications and much longer response times. In emergency situations, just a few seconds can potentially prevent severe injury or even death. Our technicians possess enormous experience in testing and repairing BDA systems. We’ll coordinate our work to suit your schedule and answer any questions during the test or repair visit. For BDA installation, testing, and repair services you can count on, call The Hartline Company to speak with one of our friendly associates today. Since 1984, our team has worked hard to maintain a reputation as an industry leader throughout Central Florida, striving to provide fire system solutions you can rely on, day or night. At The Hartline Company, our clients come first and we seek to combine affordability with top-tier service, ultimately delivering the best customer experience possible. Reach out to us to learn more about the wide variety of services we offer.

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