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Protecting hard work, resource and time must be a top priority for a business owner.   Losses of any kind cut into bottom line profitability and a business owner cannot be everywhere at once.  With our business services you can rest assured that security, fire alarm and productivity can all be monitored and handled through business automation and closed circuit television. 

The Hartline Company can design security, fire and automation systems for your business that are tailored to your exact needs.  Let The Hartline Company do a full, free evaluation of your business today!

Protecting YOUR Business, is OUR Business...

Fire Alarm System Design & Engineering

DESIGN, ENGINEER, INSPECT and MAINTAIN... If it has to do with fire alarm systems, The Hartline Company has a solution and service plan for your business. Depending on what industry, business or service you provide, your commercial building might require a professionally engineered fire alarm system.   Since you won't know how good the system is until after an unfortunate even has taken place, it's critical that you have the system designed, engineered, inspected and maintained by expert technicians who have both the knowledge and experience to install a system that provides safety, preserves health and insures protection for buildings and contents.   Every system designed and engineered by The Hartline Company will meet all local building and Fire Marshall codes and standards. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire can destroy product, structures and even threaten life.  We have unsurpassed experience installing monitored fire alarm systems in businesses.  Our NICET certified technicians are available to assist you with their technical knowledge, service or general questions regarding the use and maintenance of your fire safety system. 

Business Security & Monitoring

We have a security monitoring solution for any business application.  Wired, wireless and combination systems allow us to design a customer security system that will give you peace of mind when you aren't at your business.  We have standard phone line monitoring, HartNet Radio monitoring and Total Connect monitoring for all Commercial applications.

HartNet Monitoring

Is our preferred and proprietary mesh radio network that we recommend for commercial and  business security and fire alarm monitoring...  The reason is simple, it's 1-5 second monitoring response makes a difference when time is essential, like in the case of fire.  HartNet has the added benefit of not requiring any additional phones lines or associated costs.  For a business this can translates into significant savings over the course of a year.

Intercom/Music Systems
An intercom/music system can be a valuable communication too for information,  entertainment and emergency response for you, your employees and customers.  They add value to your business and can be used for background music, call scanners, talk room to room, make general announcements and communicate emergency situations.

Structured Cabling &   Fiber Optics

A professionally installed structured cabling system is a vital of any businesses overall IT structure.  We offer structured cabling design  and installation for both voice and data applications using Category and Fiber Optic cabling.  Our systems will support your businesses current and future hardware applications and needs. 

Closed Circuit Television

CCTV - Closed Circuit Television, has become a critical need for business owners. A business owner must protect themselves from frivolous law suits and illegal activity by keeping a constant eye on who and what is threatening their business.  A CCTV system with DVR (Digital Video Recorder) can keep a permanent record of everything that happens at any location 24/7.  Cameras can be viewed remotely from home through smart phone and/or tablet.

         Commercial Gates,         

Handrails & Fences

Our Commercial Gate divisions can customer craft aluminum powder coated gates, fences or handrails professionally installed,  can grace any business entrance or gated community.  Access control technologies can be added to insure that business owners are in control and informed about who is accessing your facility.  All of our gates are custom designed and built location specific. 

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