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Fire Alarm Inspection and Testing in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales, FL

Is your fire alarm system functioning properly? Find out today—call our team at Hartline Alarm for fire alarm inspection and testing in Lakeland, Winter Haven, or Lake Wales.

While installing a fire alarm system is a great first step to protect your residential or commercial space—and everyone in it—it’s not enough. You also need to maintain your fire alarm to ensure it will work in an emergency. At Hartline Alarm, we offer fast, fairly priced fire alarm inspection and testing in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales, FL.

We’re a family-owned company with over four decades of experience and care about the safety of our community. You can count on us to keep your fire alarm system functional and up to code.

Enjoy real-time monitoring and improve the safety of your space by upgrading your fire alarms with a monitoring system.

Is Fire Alarm Inspection Necessary?

Regular fire alarm testing verifies that all parts of your alarm system are in perfect working order, minimizing the risk of late detection if a fire occurs. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and local fire departments also require regular testing for commercial and industrial fire alarm systems. Non-compliance with this directive may lead to penalties and fines.

We offer a range of convenient inspection schedules to keep your building safe and up to code:

  • Weekly Visual Inspection: Our experts will check the control panel, power supply, fuses, LEDs, and signals of your alarm system. 
  • Monthly/Semi-Annual Inspection: We’ll check the batteries, duct detectors, fire alarm boxes, heat detectors, and smoke detectors at least twice a year.
  • Annual Inspection: You’ll need a full system inspection once a year. We’ll test all parts of your fire alarm system.   

We serve all parts of Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales. Contact us today to verify the reliability of your fire alarm system.

Our Inspection and Testing Process

We equip our professional inspectors with everything they need to comprehensively inspect any fire alarm system, including systems from Siemens, Napco, Fire-Lite, and Honeywell. Depending on the fire alarm system you have in place, we may check and test the:

  • Control panel
  • Monitoring connection
  • Annunciator
  • Pull stations
  • Ground field wiring
  • Alarm bells
  • Visual and audio devices
  • Elevator recall
  • Standby batteries
  • Door holders
  • Smoke detector sensitivity
  • Duct detectors
  • Tamper and flow switches
  • Thermal detectors

If we detect any issues within the system, we’ll always give you an upfront price quote before continuing with repairs.

Don’t leave yourself defenseless in the event of a fire. Our fire extinguisher installation services can equip you to stop small fires before they can lead to more significant property loss.

Work with Polk County’s Top Professional Fire Alarm Inspectors

At Hartline Alarm, we always put the comfort and safety of our customers first. That’s why we offer industry-leading solutions at competitive prices. Our expertise and advanced equipment enable us to detect even the smallest issues during a fire alarm test and rectify them on the spot.

Based on our assessment, we can also recommend solutions to boost your fire alarm system’s efficiency. Our fully licensed technicians are polite and always arrive on time for services. You can trust in us to complete your fire alarm inspection with minimal disruption to your property.

If you need commercial or residential fire alarm inspection and testing in Lakeland, Winter Haven, or Lake Wales, FL, Hartline Alarm is the company to call. Dial 800-446-2345 today for a free estimate.

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