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Fire Extinguisher Sales in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales

Look no further than Hartline Alarm for the best fire extinguishers for your home or business in Lakeland, Winter Haven, or Lake Wales.

Your home or business needs fire extinguishers strategically placed for quick access. That way, if a fire starts, you can reach one fast and put out the fire before it spreads. If you don’t know where to get the best fire extinguishers for your property, you’ve come to the right place.

Hartline Alarm is the number one company in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, FL, and beyond for fire extinguisher sales. We only sell the best quality fire extinguishers from top brands, and we have options for commercial, residential, and industrial use. Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we will provide a free estimate for the ideal extinguishers for your budget and other requirements.

If you own fire extinguishers but haven’t used them in years, schedule a fire extinguisher inspection to verify if your units are up to code.

What are Fire Extinguisher Classes?

Attempting to put out a fire with the wrong type of extinguisher can worsen the situation. Below are the four classes of fires we provide fire extinguishers for:

  • Class A: The most common fire type. Class A fires originate from burning wood, cloth, paper, plastic, and similar combustibles.
  • Class B: These fires involve flammable liquids, such as gasoline, lighter fluid, diesel, and so on.
  • Class C: Class C fires are electrical fires caused by overheating or sparks within wiring or appliances.
  • Class D: Caused by burning metals like sodium, titanium, and magnesium, Class D fires are uncommon and dangerous.
  • Class K: Any fire fueled by grease or cooking oil.

Our Fire Extinguisher Sales Options

You can reach out to us for various sizes of fire extinguishers, including 10-pound cylinders for large premises. As the leading company for fire extinguisher sales in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales, you can also contact us for:

  • ABC Fire Extinguishers: A multipurpose fire extinguisher that uses a dry chemical to put out class A, B, and C fires.
  • Purple K Fire Extinguishers: A purple-colored dry chemical specially designed for suppressing Class D fires.
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers: CO2 extinguishers smother class B and C fires by starving them of oxygen.
  • Kitchen Class Fire Extinguishers: These extinguishers are the best for putting out grease fires and other Class K fires.

Want a hand installing your new extinguishers? Give us a call for professional extinguisher installation!

Why Choose Us?

We’re a family-owned and operated fire prevention company with over 40 years of experience keeping home and business owners safe. We deliver the latest and highest quality fire prevention and control solutions at competitive rates. 

We also only offer the highest quality extinguishers on the market, and our knowledgeable experts can make sure you have the right option for your home or business. You can count on us for all your fire safety service and equipment needs.

Call our friendly team at Hartline Alarm today at 800-446-2345 to buy fire extinguishers in Lakeland, Winter Haven, or Lake Wales, FL.

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