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Fire Suppression Systems In Lakeland, Winter Haven, & Lake Wales

In environments where a conventional sprinkler system may not be a good fit, a fire suppression system may be needed. If your workplace environment contains a lot of delicate materials such as data servers, documents, or antiques, a sprinkler system can cause enormous damage if it’s activated. For a better solution, contact The Hartline Company to discuss installing a cutting-edge fire suppression system in your central Florida building.

Commercial Fire Suppression

In the case of an electrical fire or grease fire, the introduction of water can actually make the fire much worse. Commercial fire suppression systems can be specifically adapted to your business or building, delivering dry, clean, or wet chemicals depending on your unique needs. In workplace environments where there’s a great deal of electronic equipment, a fire suppression system that disperses chemicals like sodium bicarbonate will protect the integrity of your equipment in the case of a fire. Wet chemicals, such as potassium citrate, work well to stop oil or grease fires. Regardless of what you need, our experienced technicians are happy to help.

Novick 3m Suppression

Novec 3m Fire Suppression fluid is a non-flammable, odorless gas that extinguishes fires before they can start. In a typical total flooding system, the fluid is stored as a liquid in cylinders pressurized with nitrogen and automatically released when an automatic detection sensor detects flames. The Novec extinguishes the fire in mere seconds because it evaporates 50 times faster than water and has no noticeable smell.

Off-Road Suppression System

A fire in a vehicle can be life-threatening and destroy expensive machinery. An off-road commercial vehicle could be an enormous mining dragline, a construction dump truck or bulldozer, or forestry machine. Breaks in fuel lines or hydraulic lines that touch off spilled oil are common causes of fires.

Fire Suppression Estimates

Our technicians are dedicated to our central Florida clients and strive to provide superior service to each one. Get in touch with The Hartline Company to schedule a comprehensive and free evaluation of your building to determine what will be required to protect your property and ensure you remain in compliance with both federal and Florida law. Once we’ve completed our evaluation, we’ll work on providing you with an accurate cost estimate for installing your new fire suppression system.

The Hartline Company is staffed by knowledgeable associates who have served businesses in Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa, and the rest of central Florida for many years. We remain committed to protecting the safety of our communities and are always seeking to provide superior fire suppression services to our valued customers. Our team can handle installation, maintenance, and inspections so you can get back to business. Contact us today to learn more about our fire suppression solutions or speak with one of our associates about scheduling an evaluation of your property.

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