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Fire Protection Services in Orlando, FL

For reliable installation of all fire protection services in Orlando, call The Hartline Company today!

Business owners will want to have the most reliable fire protection system in place to best protect their property, employees, and customers. The type of industry you are in will determine what kind of fire protection services you need. Apartment complexes and daycare centers will have different requirements than kitchens, data centers, and high-security buildings.

If you are in Orlando, fire protection services are available through The Hartline Company, a professional fire prevention company with over 40 years of experience protecting Central Florida businesses and commercial property. They offer professional installation at affordable prices for all fire protection services, security, and alarm systems.

Which Fire Protection Services Are Right For You?

Federal law mandates that every building will have some form of fire protection services in place. To make sure you are compliant, it is essential to stay up to date with current fire regulations to adequately protect your property if a fire should ever break out.

●      Fire alarms and fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against fire and are necessary for all homes, apartment complexes, and small businesses. This basic form of protection can give you the time you need to get everyone out and stop the spread of small fires until help arrives.

●      Fire sprinklers and emergency lighting are standard for office complexes, restaurants, and high-rise buildings. The National Fire Protection Agency states that buildings with working fire sprinklers can reduce the amount of damage by 60 percent.

●      Bi-directional amplifiers help first responders communicate with outside personnel while fighting fires inside high-rise or highly secure buildings. They help boost radio frequencies to ensure effective communication during an emergency.

To help you determine the best fire protection services for your business or commercial property, call The Hartline Company for professional installation of all your fire protection services in Orlando.

Fire Suppression Systems

Not all fires are alike. Some fires you can put out with water, but if you throw water in a grease or oil fire, you will only make it worse. Commercial kitchens will use wet chemicals like potassium citrate to help stop the spread of grease fires. And for companies who use sensitive equipment like data servers, a fire suppression system using sodium bicarbonate can protect your valuable data.

The Hartline Company specializes in the installation of commercial, Novick 3M, and off-road suppression systems.

Regular Maintenance

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), you should have your fire protection system checked annually. Regular maintenance will ensure your system is working effectively by updating equipment as needed and making sure you are compliant with all current fire codes.

Since 1984, The Hartline Company has helped Orlando businesses stay current with all fire protection services. We provide professional installation at affordable prices for all fire protection services in Orlando and all of central Florida.  

To get the best fire protection services for your business or commercial property in Orlando, contact The Hartline Company today! For a free estimate and personalized fire protection services, call (800) 446-2345 today.

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