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Orlando BDA Installation Services

Create a clear path of communication for emergency responders with BDA installation services in Orlando, FL. The Hartline Company is your expert installer—call today!

While Orlando lacks towering skyscrapers, extensive construction and underground structures can still disrupt emergency responders’ radio signals. A bidirectional amplifier system, or BDA, boosts the signals in your building so emergency responders can communicate. You’ll find excellent BDA installation services with Hartline Alarm.

Hartline Alarm is proud to serve businesses with BDA installation services in Orlando, FL. We resolve problems when your building disrupts or prevents radio communication. Our team has extensive training to install your BDA professionally and guarantees customer satisfaction. 

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Which Buildings Need BDA Installation Services in Orlando?

BDAs boost the signal between two-way radios used by security teams, first responders, and fire personnel. All Orlando buildings must have BDAs by 2022 to meet Florida safety standards.

Buildings open to the public and those with high traffic must have BDAs installed to ensure proper coverage. Facilities that need inspections or require safety permits must also have BDAs. Other locations where first responders need to maintain communication include:

●      Hotels

●      Hospitals

●      Commercial buildings

●      Airports

●      Industrial facilities

●      Schools and universities

●      Military bases

●      Subways

Your BDA installation is individual to your building’s layout. Hartline Alarm locates the best locations for your BDA installation on every floor. Our technicians have years of education and real-world training to make communication with emergency services easily accessible. 

Testing and Repairing Bidirectional Amplifiers

Orlando buildings must receive radio signals in 95% of their space or more to be code compliant. These requirements may increase in high-risk areas. Recertifications may be necessary after five years to ensure proper installation.

The BDA professionals at Hartline Alarm can test your BDAs for recertification purposes and repair faulty systems. We can test critical frequency bands to ensure your BDAs are in excellent condition.

Without adequately working BDAs, emergency services can’t communicate. High-quality parts and close attention to detail allow us to repair your bidirectional amplifier effectively. We believe safety is a priority, which is why we strive to keep repairs as affordable as possible.

Handling Your Building’s BDA Needs in Orlando, FL

No matter the industry, buildings must allow emergency communications. Hartline Alarm extends these necessary lines with complete installations and repairs. We are happy to improve our Orlando community’s safety with extended emergency radio lines.

No building or structure will stand in the way of professional BDA installation services. Whether your building’s windows block all radio service or your business has spotty service at best, Hartline Alarm is ready to help. We take precise measurements and customize BDAs to cover an expansive area. 

Need other fire protection services? Don’t forget to pair your BDA installation with a suitable Fire Sprinkler System!

When you need a reliable radio signal for emergency services, trust in The Hartline Company. Our safety and security technicians provide high-quality BDA installation services in Orlando, FL. Schedule a free consultation for your installation by calling 800-446-2345.

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