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Commercial Kitchen Fire Systems in Orlando

Keep your restaurant or office protected with commercial kitchen fire systems! Contact The Hartline Company when you want to discuss the best kitchen fire systems in Orlando, FL.

For commercial kitchens, fires are disastrous events that could occur at any time. With contributing factors including grease, alcohol, and limited space, you need a solution to combat fires quickly. Hartline Alarm’s commercial kitchen fire systems are a worthwhile consideration.

At Hartline Alarm, we make protecting your commercial kitchen affordable and effective. We design and install suitable solutions that meet kitchen fire protection needs for commercial customers in Orlando, FL. Our technicians guarantee your satisfaction by offering a free estimate and performing professional installations no matter how complex your demands are.

Interested in purchasing new fire extinguishers for your commercial kitchen? Look into our Fire Extinguisher Installation Services.

Understanding Commercial Kitchen Fire Systems

Orlando commercial kitchen fire systems protect your kitchen and employees by placing suppressant equipment in vital areas. High-risk areas for commercial kitchen fires include:

●      Deep fryers

●      Cooking ranges

●      Cooking grills

Although cleaning the range hood and maintaining your commercial kitchen’s cleanliness is helpful, fires can still occur. Extreme temperatures can cause grease to build up and ignite while cooking. 

A kitchen fire system detects hot temperatures, smoke, and fire and employs fire suppression methods. Manual methods are also a part of your commercial kitchen fire system. You’ll need fire extinguishers and emergency lighting to combat the most disastrous fires yourself. 

Orlando Commercial Kitchen Fire Systems Installation and Inspection

At Hartline Alarm, we learn your needs and design a fire system that covers all areas of your kitchen. Your system should treat fires from multiple sources, including grease and alcohol. We install the best fire alarms, extinguishers, and suppressant systems to eliminate fires quickly. 

OSHA guidelines require regular inspections of commercial kitchen fire systems in Orlando, FL. In addition to daily inspections by employees, regular professional inspections are necessary to ensure equipment is in good standing. Our team examines and maintains your fire system components and can replace faulty products. 

Developing Commercial Kitchen Fire Systems for Orlando Businesses

For over 40 years, Hartline Alarm has prioritized customers’ safety. Restaurants, bars, and other commercial kitchens in Orlando deserve adequate fire protection mechanisms. As a family-owned and -operated business, Hartline Alarm’s team commits to protecting everyone from family restaurants to large commercial kitchens.

Hartline Alarm’s commercial kitchen fire systems are professional, affordable, and reliable. We offer advanced technology at reasonable prices to meet the biggest kitchen’s demands. Whether your system includes several fire alarms or a few components, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Not sure whether you need updated fire alarms for your commercial kitchen? Get a Fire Alarm Monitoring System for better peace of mind.

When you need commercial kitchen fire systems in Orlando, FL, to protect your restaurant or commercial kitchen, look no further than the fire experts at Hartline Alarm. Call us, The Hartline Company, at 800-446-2345 for a free estimate on your commercial kitchen’s fire suppression needs.

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