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Emergency Lighting Systems in Orlando, FL

Ensure employee and customer safety when disaster strikes your business! Call The Hartline Company for OSHA-compliant emergency lighting systems in Orlando, FL.

Emergency lighting systems are a significant part of safety requirements for Florida businesses. When natural disasters such as hurricanes or fires strike your business, you must have proper lighting to enable swift evacuation. With the help of a professional lighting service, you can keep building occupants safe.

Hartline Alarm is your authority for emergency lighting systems in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas. More than four decades of assisting property owners with lighting give us the skills to strategically place and install emergency lighting. We work with you to develop a practical blueprint for your business’s exit signs and emergency lights.

Wondering if you can also get your BDA Systems checked? Schedule an appointment with us!

Designing Your Emergency Lighting Systems in Orlando, FL

Your business’s emergency lighting system requires careful placement. Different industries have specific lighting needs. Our technicians follow all OSHA, NFPA, and local requirements for evacuation when designing your emergency lighting system. 

There are several types of Orlando emergency lighting systems with intelligent safety features, including:

●      Sustained emergency lighting systems: One set of bulbs powers the dedicated daytime lights, while the other set uses battery power in emergencies.

●      Maintained emergency lighting systems: These lighting systems serve as daytime lighting solutions and rely on a battery line to operate during an emergency outage.

●      Non-maintained systems: Separate from your primary lighting system, a non-maintained system only comes on when your building loses power.

Orlando Emergency Lighting Systems Testing and Inspections

Disasters can hit at any time, so you must be ready. Emergency lighting systems must be in perfect working order to allow for safe building evacuations. Hartline Alarm inspects and tests your emergency lights to ensure they shine brightly. 

The NFPA states that businesses must test emergency lighting systems monthly and annually. A professional from Hartline Alarm will perform annual tests and maintain your emergency lights. Whether bulbs need changing or lights have placement issues, we make it right.

Choose Hartline Alarm for Emergency Lighting Systems Repairs and More

When your emergency lighting systems need servicing, trust a longstanding company like Hartline Alarm. Hartline Alarm is your emergency lighting systems expert when you need professional repairs, installations, and design services. We put your business’s safety first with:

●      Affordable pricing

●      High-quality inventory

●      Educated technicians

Lighting systems can stop working when you least expect it. Whether you have an emergency lighting system for a retail business or commercial kitchen, we keep your system updated with the proper repairs. Our services are flexible to best benefit our Orlando community.

Looking for the right Fire Alarm System to pair with emergency lighting? Check out our selection and contact us for details!

Keep your emergency evacuation plan updated with the right emergency lighting systems in Orlando, FL. The Hartline Company has the skill and experience to install, repair, and inspect emergency lighting for your building. Contact us today at 800-466-2345.

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