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Fire Alarm Systems in Orlando, FL

For fast and reliable installation of your fire alarm system in Orlando, call The Hartline Company for all your fire protection needs.

Your fire alarm is the first line of defense in protecting your property and keeping your employees and customers safe. Current fire codes require fire alarm systems installed in all commercial and residential buildings. If your fire protection system is outdated or has not received maintenance in some time, it is time to call The Hartline Company to update your current fire alarm system.

The Hartline Company employs experienced technicians who are all NICET certified on all types of professional fire alarm systems installation, repair, and maintenance. We provide professional installation of all fire protection services with affordable prices and a satisfaction guaranteed promise.  

Does your property need a Fire Sprinkler System too? We are more than willing to help!

Professional Installation of Your Fire Alarm System

If you own an older home or office complex, you may not be aware that your fire alarm system is not compliant with current regulations. If this is the case, a professional installation team will come in and evaluate your existing system. They will let you know what is necessary for getting you the protection you need while staying compliant with all fire regulations.

Reliable Monitoring for Added Protection

When a fire starts, your primary concern is to make sure everyone is safe. In the chaos, you may not remember to call 911 until several minutes later. By then, the fire may already be out of control. Today, fire alarm systems can do more than just alert you to a fire and give you time to get to safety.

At The Hartline Company, we use our proprietary HartNet monitoring system to alert emergency services within seconds of an alarm activating, taking the worry of calling 911 out of your hands and getting the help you need on time. The HartNet system does not rely on internet or phone connection to operate; it uses mesh radio technology that is separate from your building’s power and communication.

Maintaining Your Fire Alarm System

Regular maintenance of your fire alarm system is essential to ensure that it is functioning correctly in case of an emergency. In Orlando, fire alarm systems must be inspected once a year. At The Hartline Company, we will work with your schedule to inspect and repair your fire alarm system at a time that is convenient for you. We will send you reminders about upcoming inspections and any changes in the fire codes that require your fire alarm system to be updated.

For professional installation on your fire alarm systems, The Hartline Company offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all professional installation services. Our experienced technicians are up to date with all certifications and have experience installing all types of fire prevention systems, fire alarm systems, and much more. 

Combining your alarms system with reliable Emergency Lighting assures a fool-proof fire safety plan! Schedule a consultation with us!

For a free estimate on installing your new fire alarm system at an affordable price in Orlando, call The Hartline Company at (800) 446-2345 today to schedule a consultation.

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