MY house is smarter than YOURS...

You are in an important meeting and you get the text, then another, then a FB message, then a phone call... Your son or daughter is blowing your phone up because once again they are standing outside the door of your home and they are locked out, again!!!

You are pulling out of your driveway late for work... It's been one of "THOSE MORNINGS" and as you're half-way to your final destination the panicked thought hits you... Did I turn off the curling iron???

You arrive home after a very long week of productive work and you're feeling like the champion of the world. Nothing could ruin your day or weekend, until you open the door and step into your living room hearing and feeling "the squish" of water soaked carpeting...

You and your family are at the airport waiting to board the plane that will take you on your dream vacation to Europe. Ten days of exploring, relaxing and discovering new countries, foods and cultures. As you are about to board the plane your spouse turns to you and asks: "Did you put the garage door down?"

You are returning from your dream vacation tired and ready to sleep in your own bed. You take a look at the weather app on your phone and the temperatures have risen to ninety-eight degrees. "Fortunately" you raised the thermostat at the house before you left to eighty-five before you left on the holiday... Wouldn't it be great if you could adjust the thermostat before you got home so everyone could get to sleep in a comfortable temperature?

You're a pet owner who likes to keep track of how you're babies are doing during the day... Wouldn't it be nice if you could check in on them visually and talk to them over your home intercom?

The above scenarios are only a few situations that have a SMART HOME solution. In the last few years, Home Automation has gone from novelty to necessity for many people, because it only takes one real emergency to make it all worthwhile. Security and fire alarms are necessary to protect our most valuable investment, our homes and the people and pets who live there. But they usually don't become useful until an actual emergency happens and they are a passive way to protect your home. Home Automation allows you to take a more active role in protecting and controlling your home while you or your family members are away. With a TOTAL CONNECT SYSTEM from The Hartline Company, you can embrace the next level in home security and automation. The systems are expandable so you can ease into Home Automation and increase the footprint as you go.

Everything is going "SMART" these days... Why not your house?

CALL KEITH THOMPSON @ THE HARTLINE COMPANY (863) 676-0520 for more information or EMAIL:

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