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Commercial Kitchen Fire Systems in Tampa, FL

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Your commercial kitchen handles a lot on a daily basis. As a commercial kitchen owner, you have the important responsibility of keeping your kitchen staff safe. One of the best ways to protect your employees is with an effective commercial kitchen fire system.

The Hartline Company in Tampa has over 40 years of fire protection under our belts. We understand the unique complexities that come with commercial kitchens and can help you find the best commercial kitchen fire system for your business.

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What Is a Kitchen Suppression System?

A kitchen suppression system works by suppressing a mass amount of fire to prevent the flames from spreading.

Commercial kitchens handle more appliances and heat than other areas of a business and face an increased risk of fire hazards. Installing a kitchen suppression system involves integrating equipment throughout the kitchen that will extinguish stoves or grease fires.

We know that no two commercial kitchens are the same. That’s why the experts at The Hartline Company work with you to design a suppression system that fits the unique layout of your commercial kitchen. Our goal is to provide professional installation of a kitchen fire system that reduces fire hazards and is up to code.

Commercial Kitchen System Inspection and Maintenance

Like many other appliances in the kitchen, the kitchen suppression system requires routine maintenance to continue to work efficiently. A commercial kitchen fire system consists of several components that allow it to protect the entire area.

●        Hood vents

●        Wet chemical systems

●        Fire extinguishers

The best way to ensure that your commercial kitchen suppression system is functioning is to schedule a regular inspection with your local fire safety experts. The Hartline Company has a wide range of commercial kitchen fire systems available at a price that won’t break the bank. Our experts care about helping you protect your business and work hard to ensure that your kitchen is protected from potential fire hazards.

Commercial Kitchen System Installation

Installing a kitchen suppression system is one of the best things you can do for your business.

For most commercial kitchens, Hartline recommends installing a wet chemical fire suppression system. This type of fire protection system uses chemicals that mix with grease to create a foamy substance. This method is highly effective at stopping kitchen fires and preventing them from spreading.

Along with an effective kitchen fire system, Hartline experts encourage commercial kitchen owners to include various other fire protection equipment in their buildings.

ABC Fire Extinguishers

These multi-purpose fire extinguishers are useful for areas like the dining room, office, or pantry. However, it is not recommended for a grease fire.

Emergency Lighting

Incorporating emergency lighting and exit signs into your kitchen layout is a critical safety step. In case of a power outage, the lighting can help you safely evacuate the building and ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

Looking to improve the fire safety capabilities of your business establishment? We offer Fire Suppression Systems too!

The Hartline Company offers a wide range of commercial kitchen fire systems in Tampa, FL, with a satisfaction guarantee. Call 800-446-2345 to get a free estimate today!

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