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Tampa Fire Suppression Systems 

Protect yourself from potential kitchen fires with a fire suppression system in Tampa, Florida, by calling The Hartline Company at (800) 446-2345. 

Kitchen fires impact thousands of bars, restaurants, and food trucks each year. Any fire can be dangerous, but fires you are ignorant of can wreak havoc on your workplace. 

That is why your Tampa business needs to invest in fire suppression systems. These systems help extinguish flames before they grow without the need for human intervention. 

The Hartline Company is happy to supply your kitchen with the best fire prevention kit on the market today. Our products are top-notch, and thousands of Florida businesses use our suppression systems to keep their employees safe. 

Need a residential or commercial Fire Sprinkler Installation in Tampa, FL? Let our team help! 

What Are Fire Suppression Systems? 

When experiencing a fire, it is easy for people to panic. Most people only witness a handful of open fires in their lifetime, causing them to react on instinct. 

If there is no fire extinguisher nearby, people tend to throw water on the flame or attempt to smother it. Both of these reactions could worsen the fire, leading to possible injuries and ruining your equipment. 

With a fire suppression system, you no longer have to worry about your employees knowing what to do in the event of a fire. Instead of taking action, they can evacuate the premises and let the suppression system do the work for them. 

A fire suppression system automatically detects an open kitchen flame and extinguishes it before it grows out of control. Plus, it smothers the flame, ensuring that another fire does not ignite in the aftermath of the original one. 

Suppression systems use special coolants designed to put out fires. These substances are safe for the environment and people. 

As many people start to eat healthier, professional chefs are using more oils in their cooking. The unfortunate thing about these oils is most of them are not fire-friendly. 

Oil and grease fires are two of the most common fire types, and the top fire safety experts continue to develop fire suppression systems to counteract these emergencies. 

What We Do 

The expert team at The Hartline Company helps install fire suppression systems in Tampa, FL, and its surrounding communities. Our team members are at the top of their game and can explain the best fire safety methods to you and your staff. 

The process starts when you call one of our hospitable customer service reps. They will answer your questions and gather what you are trying to accomplish with your fire suppression system. 

Our team will then enter your commercial kitchen and create a scope for your fire installation project, customizing it to your specific building. We will then get back to you with a quote for our services.

We can customize the chemicals we use depending on your business’ needs. For example, if your kitchen contains a lot of electrical equipment, we will fill your fire suppression system with chemicals like sodium bicarbonate, ensuring your cooking equipment does not sustain damage from a kitchen fire. 

Also, we offer an off-road suppression system. We use this system for off-road vehicles such as food trucks and RV’s. These fire types can be dangerous to passengers and could result in death. 

Oil trucks are prone to fires, and thus, you need a system to extinguish these kinds of flames. Our Tampa experts can provide a valuable solution to your fire safety needs. 

Install a Fire Suppression System Today 

As you can see, a kitchen fire suppression system is essential for your Tampa business. You can protect yourself and your employees from dangerous kitchen fires and help save your expensive equipment by investing in a suppression system today. 

The Hartline Company is the leading provider of fire suppression systems in Tampa, FL. With an exceptional team of safety experts, we can perform a suppression system installation for your home or business. 

Looking for Fire Alarm Installations, Repair, and Monitoring? We are happy to help protect you and your family! 

Call us at The Hartline Company in Tampa, FL today at (800) 446-2345 for more information!

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